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LOREO Photokit MK II Stereo Camera

LOREO Photokit MK II
3D Camera

LOREO 321 Mono-Stereo Camera

Mono-Stereo 3D Camera

LOREO Lens in a Cap

LOREO Lens in a Cap

LOREO Lens in a Cap PC

LOREO PC Lens in a Cap

LOREO Lens in a Cap 3D

LOREO 3D Lens in a Cap

LOREO Lubot 10x Loupe


LOREO Photokit Deluxe Viewer

LOREO Dark Grey
Deluxe 3D Viewer

LOREO Photokit Deluxe Viewer

LOREO Multi-Colored
Deluxe 3D Viewer

3D Camera Products
Loreo offers three 3D camera products. All three produce prints on standard 35mm film, compatible with 1-hour processing. No special remounting is necessary. The 3D effect is immediately viewable on a Loreo 3D Viewer. The Loreo Photokit MK II 3D Camera and the Loreo 3D Lens in a Cap use the side-by-side 3D standard. The Loreo 321 Mono-Stereo 3D Camera uses the cross-eyed 3D standard.
  • Loreo Photokit MK II 3D Camera (side-by-side 3D viewing)
    • Stereo photography made easy
    • New Glass Mirror Reflectors and Aspheric Lenses
    • Free of keystone distortion
    • Free of eye-strain
    • No special remounting needed
    • Standard 35mm film
    • 1-hour processing at any lab
    • Deluxe/Mini 3D Viewer provided
  • Loreo 3D Lens in a Cap (side-by-side 3D viewing)
    • Body cap for SLR cameras
    • Digital ready Lens in a Cap
    • Turns SLR into 3D camera
    • Self-contained, no supporting lens required
    • View 3D prints with Loreo viewers
    • Brand new design
    • 3D effect by transposing two images
    • Shipping in mid-January
  • Loreo 321 Mono-Stereo 3D Camera (cross-eyed 3D viewing)
    • Point-and-Shoot 3D camera
    • Brings stereo photography to the mass market
    • Takes both ordinary and 3D photographs with standard film
    • 3D mode can be switched on or off at any frame
    • Patented mono-stereo system
    • Compatible with 1-hour processing
    • 3D Viewer provided
Camera Accessories - Fun Products for Serious Photographers
Loreo also offers lightweight, fun-to-use accessories that do much of the work of heavy, expensive professional lenses.
  • Lens in a Cap - Pancake Lens and Body Cap - Turns an SLR into a Pinhole Camera
  • PC Lens in a Cap - A Pocket-sized Perspective Control Lens
  • Lubot Loupe - Distortion free loupe adaptable for Ultra-Macro Photography

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