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At f/5.6, the LOREO Lens in a Cap becomes a featherweight soft-focus lens. Long-exposure with lights at night gives a remarkable halo effect.

This collection of snapshots was taken in the autumn of 2002 and contributed by Kent Chat, a professional photographer in Hong Kong

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LOREO 3D Lens in a Cap - with camera

Canon D60 with
Lens in a Cap
by Kent Chat
Reflections in a Window
Convention Center
Going Home
Soft is the Evening
Looks Good Enough to Eat
Saunas and a Spy
Haloes in the Night
Highway Streamers
Lamp in the Trees
Towers in the Dusk A Slice of Sky
All Stand Still
Five Minutes to Six
Anything to Add?
Miniature Big Top
She's Everywhere

(C) Copyright of all images in this gallery by Kent Chat.

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