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The LOREO 3D Lens in a Cap turns a standard or digital SLR camera into a point-and-shoot 3D camera. It is lightweight and easy to carry around. Takes high quality 3D photographs in the side-by-side stereo format. This collection of photographs was taken in Summer 2003.

Equipment: Canon EOS 300 on auto-exposure with 3D Lens in a Cap. The 3D Cap was set to f/11 for most shots.

Click on each image to view the enlargement.

LOREO 3D Lens in a Cap

LOREO 3D Lens in a Cap

LOREO Photokit Deluxe Viewer

LOREO Dark Grey
Deluxe 3D Viewer

LOREO Lite 3D Viewer - Black & White

LOREO Lite 3D Viewer
(Black & White)

by Lo Chung
It looks like a River, but is really a place where mosquitoes breed!
Red Pillar
In front of trees
Sitting on tree
Waiting to be bitten
Still Patiently Waiting to be Bitten
Great pictures can be uncomfortable to pose for
3D In the shade
By a Banyan Tree
Break Point
On a Bridge
Slatted Roof
3D Pillars
Evergreen Tree
At the Edge of the Park where Buildings can be seen
At the Edge of the Water

Model: Vivien

Tips: Try posing a human subject with her back to the sun. Do the photos in mid to late afternoon when the sun is not directly overhead. Use a small fill flash if the face is too dark.

These 3D pictures can be viewed online with a Loreo Lite 3D Viewer.

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