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LOREO Lite 3D Viewer

LOREO Lite 3D Viewer
(Black & White)

LOREO Lite 3D Viewer - Folded in Case

LOREO Lite 3D Viewer
(Black & White)

LOREO Lite 3D Viewer - Product Composite

LOREO Lite 3D Viewer
(Black & White)

LOREO Lite 3D Viewer - Product Composite - Fun Colours

LOREO Lite 3D Viewer
(Fun Colours)

Loreo Lite 3D Viewer

Version 1.00 - 20030511
  1. The viewing panel still bulges a little in brand new viewers, but settles in well after being erected and used.
  2. Note added to online instructions regarding the use of the viewer by people with bifocal eyeglasses. - Melissa Belvadi
  3. This is the final release version but comments and suggestions are still welcome for future releases.
Version 0.93 (a.k.a. "Safe in a Case") - 20030418
  1. Viewer case added to keep viewer flat and protect the lenses in transit. - Mike Ihde
  2. Sample 3D picture added to viewer case. - Jeremy Hinton
  3. Line art illustrations and text explanation added to viewer case. - Boris Starosta
  4. Illustrations and text removed from viewer case. Single, large illustration retained. - Connie Pong ("It's too distracting!"). Thanks also to the young lady who picked up the viewer and started using it unerected, from the wrong side, without even looking at the instructions! ("Instructions? What instructions?")
  5. Front panel and key fold lines restructured to prevent bulging due to enlarged front apertures.
Version 0.92 (a.k.a. "Big Eyes in Black & White") - 20030411
  1. Range of suitable image widths included with instructions. - Melissa Belvadi
  2. Instruction illustrations done in line art by Boris Starosta, clearly showing how close the viewer should be to the person's eyes - Boris Starosta (Forget "read" and think "look at."), Melissa Belvadi, Anthony Sousa.
  3. Use the words "squeeze", "box" and "centered".
    Multi-coloured viewer:
    "Squeeze to expand. Fold end flaps to make box."
    "Hold viewer 8" centered over photo. Allow twin images to merge into 3D."
    "Move closer to focus. Usually about 6"."
    Black & White viewer:
    "Hold viewer close. Center over photo. Relax. Allow twin images to merge into 3D. Move photo to focus."
    Evolved from:
    "Erect the viewer by holding it with the lenses toward you. Squeeze the top and bottom together to form a box shape." - unknown
    "Hold viewer 8 inches centered over twin images and see them blend into a single 3D image." - Francois Beaulieu
    "Squeeze to expand, then fold side flaps in to lock." - Mike Galazin
  4. Black & white version created because the multi-coloured one looked like a toy and was distracting - Boris Starosta, Mike Ihde, Rick Langlois
  5. Black & white version now has line art illustrated instructions, and will be the mainstream product. The multi-coloured (rainbow) version has been retained for a limited initial issue with pictorial instructions, which some people prefer.
  6. Front apertures enlarged so that users don't have to pan to see full image. - Melissa Belvadi, George Lin, Andrew Hurst, Jeremy Hinton, Bob Aldridge, John Rupkalvis, Michael Georgoff, Duke Martian, Norm Lehfeldt, Mike Galazin, Theodore Gray, Shahrokh Dabiri (who took a knife to his prototype viewer)
Version 0.91 (a.k.a. "Hello Kitty in Black") - 20030323

Known Issues (to be fixed in the production release)

  1. Due to an error in the production process, the prototype viewers were not pre-folded correctly. This has led to the front and back panels bulging out when the viewer is erected. Fix this by lightly pressing on the front and back panels. When properly erected, the top view of the viewer should be shaped like the bottom panel shown on the page.
  2. The lenses are glued to the inside of the back panel. They were not properly protected and cleaned during the production process. There may still be dust, dried glue and scratches on the surface.
  3. The prototype is made from uncoated black card paper. The final product will be made from non-glossy plastic coated white card paper with the inside surface printed black to create the dark viewing chamber.
  4. The final product will retain a black viewing panel to reduce reflections and stray light.
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