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Tips for taking dramatic 3-D pictures:

As in ordinary photography, the important part of your picture will usually be placed in the center and best exposure is obtained if the sun is behind the photographer.

Stereo Photograph Tips

Stereo photography is different from ordinary photography however in other respects. Your LOREO 3-D camera not only records the shape of things but it also records the depth of a scene. To take full advantage of this your stereo pictures should show foreground objects as well as background ones. When taking a person include in the foreground branches of a tree or flowers and an interesting view behind the person. You would not, as in ordinary photography, place the person against a wall to take a close-up shot, since that picture would not have depth and would not give a good stereo effect. Experiment with your photography to see the startling difference stereo pictures can give.

Important notice: when taking pictures you can point your camera somewhat up or down but pay attention to keep it well at level horizontally. Never hold your camera vertically, since you would not able to view such pictures in stereo.

Stereo Photography Tips


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